Lab Grown Diamonds Process

Explore the innovative process behind lab-grown diamonds, where science meets artistry to create ethically sourced, stunning gems. Discover how our advanced technology replicates the natural diamond-growing process, ensuring each gem is as unique and radiant as those mined from the earth. Join us on a journey of sustainable luxury, where brilliance knows no bounds.

Journey to Ethical Luxury: Lab-Grown Diamond Creation

Embark on an extraordinary journey through our lab-grown diamond-making process. From meticulous seed selection to expert cutting and polishing, witness each step unfold in our immersive video experience. Discover the artistry and precision behind creating flawless lab-grown diamonds that rival their mined counterparts. Gain insight into the innovative techniques and advanced technology that ensure every diamond meets the highest standards of quality and brilliance. Join us on this captivating voyage and witness the transformation of raw materials into exquisite, ethically sourced jewelry pieces. Explore the beauty and sustainability of lab-grown diamonds with Heerok.

Seed Selection & Preparation

Our experts meticulously choose flawless diamond seeds for optimal growth. These seeds are delicately positioned on a metal disk, ready for placement within our advanced diamond-growing facility.

Cultivation in Diamond Reactor

The selected seeds are placed in a cutting-edge diamond-growing reactor, where they undergo HPHT and CVD processes. These techniques facilitate controlled growth and development.

Transformation over Weeks

Over 10 to 12 weeks, the seeds undergo precise conditions, allowing carbon atoms to assemble layer by layer. This gradual process results in the transformation of seeds into rough diamonds.

Attainment of Diamond Properties

Through rigorous HPHT and CVD processes, the rough diamonds acquire identical chemical, physical, and optical properties as mined diamonds, ensuring their authenticity.

Precision Cutting & Polishing

Our master cutters employ high-tech methods to intricately cut and polish each rough diamond to perfection. Laser techniques guarantee precision, yielding exquisite cultivated diamonds.

Ready for Jewelry Setting

With meticulous care, our cultivated diamonds are prepared to be set into stunning jewelry pieces, embodying luxury and elegance.