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Get your perfect fit with our free ring sizer! We understand the importance of finding the right size for your ring, and we're here to help. Simply fill out our request form, and we'll send you a personalized ring sizer so you can confidently choose the ideal size for your lab-grown diamond jewelry. With accurate measurements, you can ensure your ring fits comfortably and looks stunning on your finger.

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Easy Steps to Measure Ring Size at Home

Ensuring the perfect fit for your ring is crucial for comfort and style. Discovering your ring size at home is easier than you think with our simple guide. Explore three effortless methods below to determine your ring size without the need for our free sizer.
  • The String Method
  • Using a Printable Ring Sizer
  • Measuring an Existing Ring
  • These methods provide accurate results when used with our Ring Sizer & Conversion Chart. For methods two or three, ensure that the page scaling is set to "100" in your print settings, and use standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper to print the chart. With these easy steps, you can confidently determine your ring size from the comfort of your home.

    Step One: Made Your Own Ring Sizer

    What you'll need:
    • Printer & paper
    • String or a thin strip of paper
    • Pen or marker
    1. Begin by taking the piece of string or thin strip of paper and wrapping it around the base of the finger where the ring will be worn.
    2. Make sure the string or paper is snug but not too tight. It should be comfortable and able to slide over the knuckle.
    3. Use a pen or marker to mark the point where the string or paper overlaps.
    4. Carefully remove the string or paper from your finger and lay it flat on a surface.
    5. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the length of the string or paper in millimeters.
    6. Refer to a ring size chart to find your corresponding ring size based on the measured length of the string or paper.

    Step Two: Print a Ring Sizer

    Step Three: Use Chart to Measure Existing Ring

    What you'll need:
    • Printer & paper
    • Scissors
    • An existing ring
    1. Print the Ring Size Chart on standard paper using a printer.
    2. Carefully cut along the outer edge of the ring sizer template and cut out the slot provided on the chart
    3. Carefully cut out the Ring Size Chart along the outer edge.
    4. Place your existing ring over the circles on the chart until you find the one that matches its inner diameter.